Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Introduction to semi-solids

Last week was my 5th jab, this time I put up no brave act, I cried loud after the needle poked my bum. Mum and Dad were not sympathetic, they were laughing... I'm angry. They laughed because they find it so adorable and comical. Mum will try to video my next jab for sharing. Being curious, Mum asked why I didn't cry for the previous jabs. Doctor said that's because I'm becoming more sensitive and attentive.

Another month moved on, doctor said my weight gain is still slow, he suggested to introduce rice cereal. Mummy asked if breastfeeding babies should begin weaning only after 6 months, he said only if there is food allergy history in the family. With this comforting advise, mummy decided to start me on semi-solids yesterday since Grandma wasn't working, there are more hands around to help. This was what she prepared:

1. 80 ml of warm breast milk with 2 tablespoon of nestle rice cereal.
2. Incline rocker to 45 degrees, laid with towel
3. Put a bib around my neck
4. Standby hand towel and wet wipes
5. Begin

The first few feeds went well. I took them in without much struggle until after the 6th spoon, I started to reject and fuss throughout. Today, Mummy tried again, like yesterday, I'm refusing the spoon. It takes time, but I'm sure with more practice, I'll master spoon feeding well.

From now on, rice cereal will be included in my meals until my appetite changes. For the past 2 times, the portion mummy prepared was too much, being too ambitious that I could finish it. She's gonna get smart by preparing little portions until I can take it well. She'll use 50ml of breast milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of rice cereal. This reduces wastage. Breast milk is like mummy's blood, so precious you know. 

The frozen breast milk in my freezer now is packed in large amount, mummy will need to express and pack them in 50ml for the feeds. Thereby increasing the portion week by week.

Frankly, Mummy is not sure how to start me on weaning. She's learning it day by day, responding to my cues each time. She's only doing this once a day, probably increasing the number of times next week.

It's now another stage of my babyhood... 

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