Friday 11 September 2009

Jazz caught a cold

Little Jazz caught a cold. I probably got infected from Grandma as she has been handling me the past few days, and she's down with a cold.

Mummy and jiu jiu brought me to the doctor yesterday. Doctor said it's a common cold. For the past 2 days and nights, I've been coughing real bad and my nose is running like an uncontrolled tap. It pains daddy and mummy to see their 5 month old girl going through this. Taking medication wasn't easy either, every syringe that mummy inserts into my mouth, I would spit it out. Sigh! Although the syrup tasted sweet (mummy curiously tried), I didn't like it.

Grandma feels so guilty for infecting me, she kept apologizing when she carried me. Well, Grandma, it's ok.

Now mummy is especially tender to me, when I wake up even more frequent in the night, probably due to my blocked nose. She would cuddle and comfort me, till I sleep again. Mummy, Daddy and Grandma prays for my recovery every day, I will be well soon! So breast milk has the antibodies but still doesn't fully protect, proven in my case. 

My cough and running nose syrup and nose drop

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