Tuesday 1 September 2009

Mahjong for weekend

Mahjong is an addiction. Mum and Dad spent their weekend with it, and sometimes weekday nights too. They played with neigbours at a very small stake - friendly game. They are not in for big stakes. At home, it's only cashless game with jiu jiu and his girlfriend. That's the problem when too many people live together, you're tempted to play anytime because it's so easy to call for players. Playing the many games with me awake is tough. Mummy had to play because there were not enough players at uncle's house, which is a few storeys below ours. It's challenging, but still she made up the players. She played the games with me on her lap and kept me in various positions to handle my ever fidgety body. Auntie and her daughter helped entertain me too.
At home, when we played with jiu jiu and his girlfriend, the winner will have to hold me until the next winner takes over. Was that a reward or punishment? Mummy loves playing cashless mahjong, because she's not good at it. For the excitement, a tiny bit of stake is fine. Just a little, not too much. Can't afford to lose too much diapers money. 


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