Thursday 3 September 2009

My passport

This weekend is gonna be exciting for us! We're heading to KL for a mini getaway. My passport is ready for collection and here's the photo I used... please don't laugh. My daddy and Mummy kept laughing over this pose of mine.

Tough to grab baby's attention

Coming Saturday, before the day breaks, we'll be driving off to KL. Grandpa will be driving, and we'll all squeeze at the back of his car. Mummy is praying that I'll behave and sleep well in the car. She dislikes my nonsense whenever we are in the car. It's gonna be 5 hours drive. Goodness! 

Going on this trip was a tough decision, we're not sure how troublesome it is to bring me along until we've tried. Well, it's all in your mind, if you can handle, you can... we'll just have to be extra careful since we're away from home. I pray that we'll have a safe and enjoyable trip. It's bonding time with Grandpa and Grandma too. I will behave...

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