Wednesday 23 September 2009

Nursing rooms

Mum and Dad's favourite hang out place would usually be vivocity. It's a mega mall with most brand labels and great variety of food. Recently, this is what they've spotted, a huge and comfy baby's room! Was it new or just not noted, we only saw this recently. It's near Mothercare.

A peek into vivo baby's room... Saw the many changing stations?
Further in, are a few nursing rooms.

Not many malls in Singapore have friendly nursing rooms. So far, vivocity and united square are Mummy's favourites. Heard from other mummies, Taka's not bad, but we've yet to try. Even ION and Iluma, being new, don't seem stand out in their baby's room.

Baby's room at ION: Spacious with a cold/hot water dispenser. A tap too.

However, only a chair for one nursing Mum... none for the dad or other mums, if they're sharing the room. And that's my dad changing my diapers.

Iluma: Not liking the transparent glass panel. And the room is cramp

It seems like there's a sudden boom of shopping malls locally. City Square Mall is also opened! The one linked to Farrer Park MRT. Even before exploring it, we've heard raves about how huge and exciting it is. The Mall is within walking distance from our home, we'll be checking it out this weekend, and of course, will check out their baby's room too!

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