Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Second week to semi-solids

It's the second week to my intaking of semi-solid, but still, I'm not mastering it well. Frankly, mummy felt like giving ourselves a break and try again next week. It's not easy. Not only is it messy, I'm keeping my lips tight sealed whenever the spoon touches them. Daddy thought trying a different spoon might help. Even though mummy assured him that the problem doesn't lies with the spoon, it lies in me. Still, daddy bought me a new set of cutlery. 
My spoon changes colour when the food's hot

Today, mummy and Grandma tried again, they did all they could to open my pursed lips. They shook my rattles, sang and danced for me, but I'm just not opening. Then, mummy decided to on the TV, play my favourite Baby Bright DVD, and there, it caught my attention. Certain moments, I'll be too engrossed to realised that the food was already in my mouth. What a method! More training is still needed. Mummy's really hoping this will get better along the days.

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