Wednesday 2 September 2009

Tired mummy

Tired tired tired... Mummy's tired! It's always about housework and me that keeps her so occupied. She's doing the washing, ironing and cooking for the whole big family, Grandpa, Grandma, jiu jiu, daddy and me. It's payback time, a once little girl who does no housework is now rewarding her parents with comfort stay, accompanied by good food. Although Grandma is always on her feet, helping to keep the house neat, Mummy prefers her to rest as she needs to work. She doesn't want to tire Grandma. Daughters' the best after all, and we're one.

Last night, Mummy threw daddy a tricky question, he asked daddy, "Shall we get a helper?" Daddy replied, "No money." Mummy felt so disturbed by the not so tactful reply. Why can't Daddy reply in the roundabout manner? One that makes her feel good and appreciated since domestic helper is definitely out of mind, she's doing all the work of a maid? But that's my daddy, never good with honeyed words. Getting a helper is an added expense, and Mummy knows that's impossible. Since she still can't get a job, she's the maid. A 'salve' to the husband and to me. A free maid that does everything out of Love.

She recalled, on the day when they exchanged their vows in church, pastor shared a joke, he said that getting a wife is all about - Washing, Ironing, Food and Entertainment (W.I.F.E), so true huh... Mummy was warned, but she went ahead with the wedding. Too late, she's fallen in love with this family. What about some acronyms for HUSBAND? House, Utilities, Sex, Beer, Automobiles, Nonsense, Dog? Mummy has been showering Pillow weekly!

Maybe, that is what wedding pictures are for, to remind you of the reason for getting together - Commitment and Love.

Daddy, remember to be always loving and tender even as time moves on, before and after wedding.

Anyway, Mummy is on an active search for a job now, I'm approaching 6 months and it's time for her to bring some income home. She won't have to feel bad about asking Daddy's permission for getting her needs and wants. Hmm, or is daddy secretly praying that Mummy doesn't get a job so that there can be a full time caretaker of the home and me? God must be confused by their prayers now. I'm sure He knows what's best for them.

Erm... so when is Sabbath day for a mother?

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