Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Back home

Woah... we're back from KL! We were there to attend a birthday dinner, Grandma's sister is 80 years old! Their age gap is really wide. I behaved relatively well on most occasions. Except on the first night, when we were at the dinner, I cried so loud that all eyes set on me. It was a dinner that ended late, I was sleeping in my pram when I woke up and gave a loud cry. Mum could not pacify me, she walked me out of the crowd, tried distracting me, but to no avail. The only solution was to let me cry till I'm tired. It was probably waking up to a different environment that startled me.

Even the car ride to and fro wasn't as bad, I was sleeping most of the time and enjoying the scenery. My car seat takes up quite some space, mummy had to squeeze and sit uncomfortably throughout the trip. Back at the hotel, I had a hard time getting to sleep too. It only got better at the second night, I was so tired that I fell asleep almost instantly when mummy rocked me. The aircon was freezing cold, even though in long sleeves and pants, my hands were cold. 
The trip was quite alright, not as bad as Mum and Dad thought. They could manage me, largely because Grandma helped us out. When we visited Chinatown, it was almost impossible to push a pram through, Grandma volunteered to carry me. Mum kept asking her to hand me over to her, but she insisted on carrying me so that Mum could shop. Mums are always the best! Grandma's arm is now aching.
Travelling with a baby seems alright after all, don't worry too much. Just do it!

I've got the best seat in the car... ample space!

At the birthday dinner

Oops, playing with Grandpa's head

With Daddy in picture

To Grandma sister's house, sleeping in this position!

Looking forward to more trips now. It's always wise to bring grandparents along, they can help entertain babies.

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