Thursday, 15 October 2009

Baby and Dog

I've been living with Pillow for the past 5 months. Whether a dog and a baby can co-exist together depends on the individual. Many people think that when a baby comes along, the idea of getting a pup or continuing living with your dog is almost impossible.

Let me share my experience...

Mummy recalled reading an article in a pet's magazine which recommends couples to get a dog as a preparation to having baby. That's total nonsense and never true! A dog doesn't require 24hrs of one's attention, but a baby does. Just this is enough to highlight the difference.

Not to deny, when I came along, Pillow became less important to daddy and mummy. Time for him became lesser. Similarly, when you have more siblings along the way, my focus gets diverted too. It's reasonable to conclude this way. To quote an example, 2 weeks ago, when mummy felt tremor due to the Indonesia's earthquake, my terrified mummy was home alone with me, all she did was to grab me out of the house and to the void deck. Pillow was left barking home alone. Sob Sob. I know she didn't mean it and she was definite the building is safe. She's just panicky and short handed to bring pillow along. Hmm, this is tricky, what if there are 2 babies at home? She'll grab both I think. Human and dog... How do you rank?

Anyway, back to Pillow. He requires an average of 40mins of our time daily, this includes his walks and brushing of his fur. Sometimes longer time if he meets his friends at the void deck. Daddy always ask Mummy, "did you regret having Pillow?" Well, a matter of fact is that Pillow is my 'elder', he came into this home before me. To mum and dad, it's their responsibility and commitment to see him through as long as he lives. Dad always joke that I'll be sad when I'm about 12 years old, because that's when his life span would be near an end.

Living with Pillow is a definite yes for me. The only thing that frustrates mummy is the fur he sheds. It seemed never ending and the floor is always spotted with fur balls, sometimes even in the food we eat, and in mine too. Yes... that's how frustrating. But it isn't his fault, he can't control the shedding of his fur right? Housework became heavier, vacuuming and mopping becomes a daily affair. Tiring! Grandma has been of great help, she nags about Pillow, but still helps to keep the house clean. Love her!

Pillow used to roam around the living and our rooms, except onto our bed, which dad says is a, "No No!" Now that Grandma is staying with us, Pillow's being kept to a corner which mummy would sneakily let him out when Grandma's not home. It's isn't fair to take his freedom away because of me. But because Grandma is diligently keeping the house clean, she respected her decision.

Think twice before getting a pup. If you plan to have babies, think of life with a dog before and after baby arrives. It's sad to hear family give up dogs because of a baby. Few couples around our neighbourhood who are madly in love with dogs told mummy that they don't plan to have children. That's sad to hear, but yet a personal decision. Children are joy, though also a worry at times, but if filial, it's the best plan ever. 

It's sure hard to stay fervent about dogs when babies comes along. Pillow used to go beaches, dog gatherings... but not now, it's challenging to bring us both out together. In fact, Pillow is very obedient. He doesn't disturbs or provokes me. I love playing with him, but mummy scolds when I pull his fur. And this is cute, when Dad and Mum are playing with me, he'll bring his toys over to seek play too. Mummy doesn't like to mingle our toys so it's separate play time.

When I'm older, it'll be my turn to bring him for walks and we'll go to the beach together... Yipee!

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