Thursday 8 October 2009

Infant Care - Where are you?

Mummy is in search for an infant care for me. To her frustrations, she only realised getting a place in an infant care is as popular as getting a place in a primary school. Goodness! So how do we begin voluntary work in order to get a place? (Infant care I meant)

The many infant care centres that mummy called up around our vincity are full, and waiting list is long till next mar/apr! Is there a loophole or an overlooked system that doesn't gel with the government's pro babies campaign? Mummy's utterly lost and is in need of an infant care. This is to prepare myself and herself if a job pops by. Perhaps, the culprit lies in the location we're staying at. Too centralised.

Getting a nanny would be our last resort, though Mummy much prefers an infant care because she thinks an upbringing of a baby have changed along the many years. Most nannies are not quite up to date, she feels. Of course, Grandma would be the perfect solution to our search, but she needed to work, despite our discouragements. Moreover, a child's burden and responsibilities belong to the parents, not the grandparents. It's just an added blessing if grandparents can afford the time and energy to care for the little ones.

Mountain of complains, still the search continues...

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