Monday, 5 October 2009

More on my foodie...

Starting on solid seems cumbersome, especially mummy having to prepare and introduce new food. Currently, I'm being introduced to carrots, with more vegetables coming on the way. She read that vegetables is a good start prior to fruits. Fruits are naturally sweet, this reduces the chance of rejection to other non-sweet food.

Of course, nothing beats to home made food. Here's what mummy did. She steamed (for retaining nutrients?) a whole carrot (cut into 2) and grind it to puree form. She divided the portion into 2, one for the afternoon feed and the other refrigerated for the evening feed. She would then add 20ml of breastmilk to the puree, warm it and serve me. Simple and easy recipe for now. Broccoli and cauliflower should be next in line. I wonder how they taste.

There's also a convenient alternative which mummy tried. Baby bottled food can be purchased off shelves in supermarkets. Though mummy was initially skeptical about purchasing them, doubting its nutrients and freshness, she went ahead purchasing for me to try. I took them well.

Bought a variety to try...

How did food end up on my forehead?
Therefore, FOOD + DADDY = MESSY!

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