Friday, 16 October 2009

Resignation as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum)

Mummy to Jazz...

Baby! Mummy thank you for the quality time I had with you for the past 6 months. Next week, Mummy is going to work, though only a contracted job, it's a good trial to allow me decide if I prefer to help bring the bread and butter home or to be with you full time.

I had the privilege which most mummies didn't have, I could spend a full 6 months plus with you. I saw you grow from a tiny baby to a chubby girl. I'm excited at every moment of your new progresses. Now, you are able to sit upright to play on your own. How amazing time flies... soon, you'll be running towards us!

Grandma will be with you for the next 2 weeks before you begin your first day at the infant care next month. I know it's going to be a whole new environment with new faces, I predict the caretakers will be battling with you for the first few days. I know you'll cry badly, but it's a matter of time. Some day, we'll need to experience this separation anxiety, it just came earlier for you. Just remember, daddy and mummy will always come for you and be there for you.

Although I'm not feeling too good, and I thought of backing out from this job that I've previously promised to take on, I needed to begin somewhere. You're right, I couldn't bear to stop seeing you the whole day, reality sets in only when it's happening. I've been complaining about my schedule at home, which I think I'm gonna miss the chores.

Your infant care didn't come cheap and I thought it would be a better trade off for me to stay home with you. We worked out the sums, and thought it was still within our means. Less toys and clothes for you perhaps. Daddy has been discouraging me to work, he loves you so much that he believes you are only in the best hands with me. Somehow, daddy respected my decision, he gave me a choice. Thank you Daddy... which is why I'm pursuing my education.

Having your own income as a modern woman plays an important role in today's society. Mummy isn't selfish to realise my material needs, but it's for your future and your siblings along the way. It's our responsibilities to bring our children up, see them through the best education (which involves piles of money) and of course you should know how to repay us when you think of our sacrifices.

I'm going to miss you so badly when work begins. Just like when I started dating, daddy kept running in my mind... now, you are always on my mind. Kiss Kiss!

It's lesser of Mummy that I'm gonna see

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