Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mummy thinks of Jazz

It's the first week Mummy began work. I guess it's much more of separation anxiety for her than for me. She's missing me so much when's at work. She would call Grandma every lunch to check on my behaviour. I had better be good.

Now, I'm mummy's motivation after each work day. She's ever excited to greet and cuddle me whenever she's home. Despite having to work, Mummy hopes to continue breastfeeding me for as long as possible. Hopefully, until I'm able to sleep through the night. Bottle feed and breastfeed, which is more convenient in the middle of the night? The latter of course! It's definitely a drag to zombie into the kitchen for my milk.

Daddy is also always excited to see me after each work day. So here's what keeps them coming back early, keep my photo on their handphone's wallpaper/screensaver to keep them thinking about the adorable baby at home!

My picture on their wall paper!

Me on Mummy's phone

Me on daddy's phone

Before a baby arrives, it's the spouse photo. Now, it's the child!

And you can't believe this. Daddy's ringstone has my laughter. Call him and you'll hear me laughing. On the other hand, my cry is mummy's ringtone. Daddy scolds her for having this ringtone on her phone, but she argues that it gives her the urgency to pick up a call.

Call them!

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