Sunday, 25 October 2009

My schedule

Weekends fly and weekdays drag. Life is sometimes a contradict, when we're jobless, we hope to be working, and when we're in a job, it seems better to stay out of job. So what do we conclude? We work for the money! At least for my Mummy. Haha.

She wishes to spend more time with me at home. Hmm... maybe in years to come, when I've more siblings and started school, she would probably stay home to watch us. It's another week before my entry to the infant care... I wonder how life will be for me. I hope the caregivers would adapt to my current schedule as below:

0800: Rise and Shine!
0815: Milk Milk (150 - 180ml)
0830: Playtime
1000: Morning nap
1030: Wake up
1130: Solid food
1200: Bath time
1230: Atfternoon nap
1430: Wake up and Playtime
1500: Milk Milk (150ml - 180ml)
1630: Evening nap
1830: Wakes up
1930: Solid food
2100: Milk Milk (150ml - 180ml)
2200: In dreamland

I'm taking solid meal twice a day, this will gradually replace my milk feeds. However, it's still important for babies to stay on milk till the age of one or even older. Mummy is now introducing formula to me... I need to drink up the samples these milk companies give.

Milk is good for me. Grow grow grow!

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