Friday, 2 October 2009

Successful Weaning

It's almost a month since intaking rice cereal. Indeed, patience rewards. I'm now opening my mouth for the spoon. Before that, Mummy had to persistently prepare my solids depsite wastage from the many failed attempts.

Though not perfected, because this can only be done with Baby Bright showing on the TV (Bad habit, I know) but to mummy, whatever that works! My solid feed is now twice a day, which mummy will gradually introduce new tastes to me as weeks go by. In fact, starting on solids seems like another milestone. It's added chore to mummy's already busy schedule. Bath time is twice now, once in the noon and once in the evening. It's just that messy and dirty after each feed, flying hands, spoon and food everywhere! Mummy wants a clean and huggable baby all time. If I'm dirty, no one will hug me... sob sob.

To mark the success of my weaning, Daddy got my high chair set up! I was so excited when Daddy put me on it. For the first time, I'm seated higher than mum and dad. I had so much fun tapping on my mini table. We got it for only $25 at ikea, cheap and so far, so good. Like many restaurants, they use ikea's baby high chair too.

You see my excitement

Sure excited

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