Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Family is Joy

Mummy's a little upset today. She stepped into home with a heavy heart. I smiled so widely when I saw her and gave out a shout of excitement. This moment lifted her mood, she was so blessed. I guess I'm mummy's little inspiration. Looking at me, her perfect creation, she knew nothing else was impossible and nothing else matters.

Sometimes, the people or environment around us make paths uneven... we trip, fall and get hurt. Still we got to get up and move ahead. Mummy tells herself, however bad a day is, nothing beats coming home to cuddles and watch me smile. Her comfort note - "It's family that awaits at the end of each path." Bosses, Colleagues, Classmates and Friends are sometimes passerby of our lives. We may or may not get to meet them again. Family is here to stay and never leaves in times of need. So be sure who is more worthy of our sacrifices and be sure who to include or exclude in our lives. We don't have time for everyone. That's true! Commitment grows as we age. Maybe declines again when we become slow in our movements.

What an emotional mummy. I had better be good and smile more at her. Babies smiles are the most genuine and sincere. Pat pat mummy... Love you!

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