Friday 20 November 2009

I love play!

I've brisked through the first week of school. In fact, I don't really go to school, it's play that I'm going for every weekday morning. At my tender age, it's only best to learn through play. It's the most effective form of learning for children below 4 years. So Mummy, more toys please!

Well, I think I've been enjoying my play sessions this far. Other than crying on the first day of school, I've been smiling since. My school fee don't come affordable, I had better make the best out of the school's care and facilities. The affordable infant cares were either far away from home or has a very long wait list. Search was tough. In any case, Mum and Dad are happy to settle me here. Mummy didn't think preschool was important until recently.

Everyday, Mum and Dad are excited to pick me home. They get impatient when car gets stuck in the jam or when they are caught in the red light. Just like me, I can't wait to see them at the school's door.

Day 3
On my way to school with my baggy

Arrived and picked!

Day 4
Being carried out to mum and dad

Time to go home

We miss each other after a long day

My shoe rack is ready, but I've no shoes!!!

The board that updates on HFMD cases

Yes! Yes! I like going to school for play.

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