Friday, 27 November 2009

Long Weekend for us

Hurray to the long weeked, the ever wonderful break from work (for mum and dad). And school is closed for me till next tues, an even longer break for me. The teachers are taking a break on Monday, Grandma has kindly volunteered to care for me that day. Saved a day leave for dad and mum.

Hmm, but what should we do over the week. Sometimes, we think that we're always chasing time. Now that time seems to have slowed down over the long weekend, we're out of ideas on what to do. Maybe we can go to the 'hello kitty lab' at expo, Big jiu jiu gave us a pair of tickets. Not sure how it is going to be like, I'll share more after the visit. 
Okok, I shall get ready after lunch, but know what... Daddy is still in bed! Why is mum always the last to sleep and the first to rise? Mums are truly the greatest!

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