Sunday 1 November 2009

Mark my 7th month

It's the first of the month again. Today, I'm 7 months young. According to a baby's milestone chart, I've completed most actions that a 7 months can do. Let me share some, I'm able to: 
1. Sit without support 
2. Drag objects to myself 
3. Lunge forward, learning to crawl 
4. Experience stranger anxiety 
5. Jabbers 
6. Stand while holding on to something 
7. Bang objects together 
Still, I'm unable to wave goodbye. Maybe that would be the last action I would want to pick up, it's always sad for me to watch daddy and mummy leave for work in the morning. Interestingly, I've spotted myself clapping hands together. Other than shaking my head from left to right whenever I don't want to eat, Mummy loves to watch me clap my hands. Having done this milestone checklist, she told herself that these are just references. She wouldn't be worried if I'm behind time, there isn't a perfect timing after all. Babies learn best on their own, which is why I determine my schedule, and adults have to suit me. 
There's nothing mummy can teach or do to expedite slow progresses. It's just a matter of time that I can catch up. When it comes to slow learners, patient is the word. One thing that really challenges her patient is my inability to sleep through the night. I would still wake up for snacks. Sometimes once, sometimes twice, or umpteen times when I need extra comfort. So who wakes up for me? It's Mummy! How does one stay patient with having to wake up in between sleeps? She's a working mummy now, sleep is so precious to her, as of before. She always share that sleep is the toughest activity to forgo. Truly...
Every night, she would pray that I can sleep through it, giving her a good and well deserved sleep. There was a period when I could do from 9p.m. to 5a.m, not sure what happened along the way though. I do hope I can sleep through without snacking too... "Mummy, please bear with me a little longer." 
Now, see this... in the midst of having to wake up early for my breakfast, Mummy lost her Sunday sleep. Spot who are still sleeping!!! 
Daddy and me always on the same sleep team
Don't deny this, Mothers work and sacrifice the most. Indeed! 

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