Sunday 29 November 2009

My little weekend

It's the end of the mini long weekend. I think I had a fruitful weekend. Mum did some shopping and feasted on some good food. It's been a while since she shopped.

We visited the 'Hello Kitty' Lab at expo. Frankly, it's mainly for kids, not a place for adults. It's quite nothing at that place. We went from station to station for some simple games and considered complete when we've visited all stations. It's nothing fantastic. Sympathize those who had to pay to get in, thank God our entrance came free, and so are babies. We had quite a long wait at the entrance before getting started on the 'tour'. Mum was worried that I'll get too cranky from the long wait, but I took it well. When we were in, I quietly enjoyed the 'tour', and made no noise.

Photo taking was not allowed in the place, but we took some discretely. OOps! Just wanted to store some memory.

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