Thursday 31 December 2009

31st Dec 2009

I've recovered! All ready to welcome a whole new year ahead. Hmm, the last blog post of the year, what shall it be? Let's do a mini evaluation on Mum and Dad's first time parenthood. 
To Mummy:
1. Do you think I've brought much inconvenience to you and Dad?
"Jazz, inconvenient isn't the word to use. It's part and parcel of growing a family, a baby is either now or later. I'm glad that you came early, it takes so much energy to take care of you, which I'm glad I still have. I've learnt to include you in almost whatever activities we could, such that I think I'm an expert in bringing you almost everywhere now."  
2. Do you think Dad was a great Dad? 
"He's good in making you smile and laugh. Other than that, he probably needs more involvement in your daily activities. Oops, some reflections!"  
To Daddy:  
1. Do you think Mum was a great Mum? 
"Of course! She bore the labour pain, gone through 9 months of motherhood, and is still doing a good job. Good training for the 2nd one!"

2009 wasn't an easy year for Mummy. No doubt, my arrival is the greatest miracle in her life. Withing a year, she felt like she has learnt and experienced much. Still lacking some courage to talk about her encounters, she knows life will get better ahead. Last year, she left her job without knowing I was in her womb, and since then she hadn't been able to get a job. She was unfortunate to have met an employer who contracted her till I was birthed. Not wanting to bear the maternity cost during her absence, they released her when I was almost due. How does it feel? Ask a mum working mum and you'll know how helpless it is to not be paid for the 4 months maternity.

Pregnancy wasn't easy for her too, with me in her womb, Mum and Dad went ahead with their holiday plan to USA. She didn't enjoy the entire trip because of bad nausea. Many setbacks but mummy picked herself up gradually, and found joy upon my arrival.

Well, it's sore, but she has moved on. Looking ahead and not looking back, life is still beautiful. Hereby, wishing everyone a happy 2010! May you be prosperous in every aspects of your life - health, wealth, career and family!

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