Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Birthday Party

Last weekend, Dad and Mum brought me to a birthday party! It was fun and I've enjoyed myself throughout the party. It was Russell's first birthday. Mum thought such parties are fun for the young and old.

Hmm, but there's always a little problem when I meet new uncles and aunties... They don't know how to pronounce my name. Actually, it's not difficult, just say, "Jazz-Elle', then say it fast, and you've got my name - Jazzelle! My chinese name is tricky too, I'm 张韶恩, the middle character is of “第二声", which most people couldn't get it right. Hope you've figured my name. I didn't choose my names, Dad and Mum gave them to me. World is evolving, so are names. Seldom do we find easy read names like before. Parents are now giving interesting and beautiful names to their babies, or rather hard to pronounce names. Haha.

Corner for the children's sweet tooth

My first gaze at Russell

I was shy when Russell laid his hand on my shoulders

Enjoying my horse ride

The cake was yummy and beautiful! Will I get something like this for my 1st birthday?

All babies and children in for a shot

Parties are great fun for everyone!

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