Saturday 26 December 2009

Christmas is over

A fond farewell to Christmas, it'll be another long wait for the next one. So what's Christmas all about? I'm probably too young to know, but Mummy told me it's the day Jesus was birthed - The reason for the season. She said it's a season of love, gifts and Thanksgiving. This is the time when love is showered even more abundantly, gifts are given and received and with thanks given to our family! Mummy had very much wanted to attend the Christmas service with Auntie sha, but it's really inconvenient to bring me along and she's worried about leaving me in the creche room. Thank God for webcast! 
Well, I think Christmas was rather well spent. Just that Dad and Mum couldn't set for a good and peaceful dinner like the past years. I've joined them this year, so it's a threesome celebration! On Christmas eve, I skipped school to join Daddy for his corporate Christmas party. Mummy couldn't join because she had to work. Again, I was being carried around by many uncles and aunties. And within this week, I've been to Orchard twice, including Christmas day. Photo taking was never ending for us. I enjoyed the lightings, but not the crowd. Shopping was out for Mum, she has spent a bomb on gifts, so she has to thrift on herself. It's definitely a joy to be giving!
Opening my Christmas pressie from Jiu jiu and Jie jie  
Fascinated with the huge Christmas deco
Mummy and me with the tree of bears
Daddy's not missing out a shot with me

We need an accompanying photographer for better family shot

Ho Ho Ho! That's 2009 Christmas, a few more days and we'll be leaping into a new year. Time for reflections and resolutions...

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