Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Daddy is in camp

Miracle happened on Sunday, I slept through the night! Sounds like 'duh', but to a Mummy who has been tirelessly waking up to baby calls, it's light at the end of a tunnel. She couldn't believe me, she woke up to check on me and even sought affirmation from Daddy the next morning. Indeed, I slept through that night. Mummy's crossing her fingers for more such nights and hopefully I won't have to wake up for midnight snacks as days go by. I'm 8 months young today, I should be old enough to sleep on my own and sleep through.

I have to be good this week, it's one woman's show for mummy. Daddy is in camp, he leaves home before the sky breaks and comes home after dark. Which means leaving and coming home when I'm asleep. Daddy wonders if I'll still remember him after a week. I dislike the army for occupying my Daddy. But, thank God for grandparents and jiu jiu, they send me to and fro infant care on behalf of Daddy. Mummy wouldn't have to walk the long distance to send and pick me.

It's one manpower down when daddy is not around, mummy has to prepare my dinner, shower me, walk the dog and get me to sleep after her long work day. After which, she gets some time to her own before heading for bed. What a typical Mum's day. No wonder, mum's capacity is so elastic, always stretched without snapping. Of course, Daddy has always been of great assistant to us at home too!
Daddy on xbox with me!

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