Wednesday 30 December 2009

Go Fever Go

School's closed today, Dad and Mum are on leave to be with me and also to end the year well with some family bonding. They've also arranged for my vaccination today.
It's a sleeping marathon for me, after the jab. I behaved by napping long hours in the pram. Mum even asked Dad if I was alright, it's quite unusual for me to take such long nap. They found out that I was down with a fever when we were heading home.
I continued my sleep journey back home, waking up at 7:30pm for dinner. Mum prepared my favourite brown rice cereal with banana, hoping to stir up my mood a little. Though my favourite food, my appetite wasn't quite there. Daddy tried reading me a book so that I could eat, but I don't like the way he reads to me. It's strangely funny - An English story in 3 different ways, English (the broken kind), Chinese and Hokkien! Mum was laughing at his poor story telling skill. After meal, she sponged me, read me some books (the correct style) and ended my night with milk at 9pm. Much rest is needed, which is why I'm sleeping so much today. I'll be well soon... 
And daddy is naughty, he video-ed my 'painful' experience again:

Mummy's kiss comforted my pain...

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