Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Beanie

We've been so upset the past few days, Beanie is lost! Mummy's so sad that she couldn't sleep well that night. The last time we saw it was as Suntec, Carrefour. I was playing with it in my pram and didn't realise it was missing till we were home and time for bed. Sigh! Grandma reminded mummy that it has been with me since birth, it carries my smell. Precisely! Which is why mummy is so sad over it. She was so desperate to search it back, so Daddy called Carrefour to help search for it, but to no outcome.

It's just a bean bag, but yet it's of great significance to me, it means sleep time. Mummy wanted to sew one for me, but Daddy acted fast, he bought me a similar beanie. He got one closest to the design I previously had. Still, it's never a replacement.

Today, teacher told Mummy, "She was trying to snatch some other child's bean bag." Mummy told teacher my beanie's story and said that I'll bring a new one to school tomorrow. Here's my new beanie, say, "Hi!"

Similar to my previous one - Polka Dots

Still giving me the comfort of sleep

I was the one who lost beanie, but Mummy gets the blame. Daddy said that she was too engrossed with her shopping such that she didn't realised beanie fell off the pram. Hmm, why the Mother gets blamed?

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