Thursday, 17 December 2009

My teeth

Christmas is just a week away, it's marking an end of the year again. What have we acheived? Jazzelle was birthed in 2009! Every year, Mummy would put up the Christmas tree at home, seeing it every day brings joy. This year, the house is too cluttered to have a tree around. No space! Sob sob, no present under the tree?

Anyway, Mummy is thinking of what present to get for me. Christmas is just another 'excuse' for her to pamper me with toys. Hmm, but I think I've got what I needed for Christmas. My two front teeth! It came to me 2 months ago. In total, I've 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 bottom.

Daddy insists in getting me a toothbrush to begin an early routine. Isn't that way too early? Mummy thinks it's almost difficult to get the brush into my mouth. She pre-warned Daddy that she's keeping her hands off this teeth brushing routine. How do you brush an 'always wriggling' baby's teeth? True enough, I wasn't receptive about it. The toothbrush looked like a toy to me.

What is this daddy?

The brush in my mouth after a few attempts

Touching to feel if I really had teeth

My toothbrush set. Different brush for different stages.

And all I want for Christmas and New Year is teeth and more teeth!

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