Saturday, 19 December 2009

Playtime with Dad and Mum

Mummy always thinks that Daddy is soooo good at making me laugh. She labels Daddy as the Entertainment department and mummy the Disciplinary cum Food department. No wonder I love playing with Daddy. Hmm, but food is important to me too, I better smile more at mummy. I've been so sticky to her these days, so much so that Daddy calls me, "Sticky Chewy Chocolate!". An ice-cream flavour at Swensens.

Here are some playtime moments with Dad and Mum:

Mummy's turn. When her forehead touches my forehead, it's instant that I'll shake my head from left to right and right to left. This has become my trademark, even school teachers are telling Mummy that I love doing this with them. Mummy wonders who taught me this. It's probably Grandma, she would say,"头碰头" when it's time for this play. I can do this with anyone, try me!

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