Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Some baby's recipes

Mummy's getting better at preparing my meals. Although meal time is still a struggle for us, I see improvements. I can take porridge better in school and in home now.

Mummy tried the following recipes with the slow cooker.

1. Diced pumpkin + bean curd + rice
Outcome is soft enough for mashing

2. Diced Apple + lean pork slices + rice
Pork stock is to enhance the taste of the porridge only. Apples can be mashed.

3. Carrots + Broccoli + Sweet Corn + lean pork slices + rice
Grind broccoli and sweeet corn. Carrots will be soft enough to mash if cooked long. Pork stock to enhance taste.

Hmm, think that's about my meals for now. Playing around with the food, mixing and matching.
Slow cooker is a good way to give baby food the softness. Just 'dump' eveything in and check back hours later. Of course, remember to add ample and water.

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