Sunday 10 January 2010


January's hot for birthday celebrations in our family. It was Pillow's birthday yesterday, followed by daddy's on Mon and Big Jiu's on Tuesday. We just got back from Big Jiu's surprise birthday party. We BBQ, and the smell is still lingering on my clothes and hair, so stinky. At the party, I had a taste of chocolate cake. I love it! While eating the cake, i bit off the tip of a plastic fork, this freaked Mummy. She tried searching my mouth for the chipped fork, but to no avail. Though I look fine, she's really worried. Daddy said Mummy's careless. Well, hopefully, I'll poo it out tomorrow.

Ready with party hats for Big Jiu's arrival

Pillow's birthday cake, Berry Jie jie bought it!

Blew the candles and attacked the cake!

His best meal I guess

Daddy wishing him

This night, I finally got to play with Daddy! Reservist kept him so occupied, he only got a Sunday off. The first thing daddy attacked when home were the newspapers and the "rectangular box" for soccer. Men are men, they never seemed to know a family needs quality time. Mummy's glad that SingTel won the EPL bid, because we're on SCV! Which means, no more soccer and there's no intention for switch of provider.

It was a fun filled night!

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