Sunday, 24 January 2010

Diarrhoea me

Antibiotics has side effects, it leads up to diarrhoea. An interesting discovery for Dad and Mum this morning. I had disturbed sleeps because of bad diarrhoea. Poor me, going through a rough week. The doctor didn't alert Daddy that antibiotics may cause diarrhoea until he did some search online and confirmed it with his friend who's a doctor. Daddy's friend advised me to stop on the antibiotics since I'm almost upon its completion, and then get an anti diarrhoea medication from the pharmacy. 
My day was bad. Being cranky described me today. My anus is so sore from the frequent poos and cleaning. The poos were 'massive', so much so that my diapers couldn't hold, it overflowed on most occasions. Although, Grandma did sometimes try to clean me with water instead of wet wipes, my bum is still sore. Pains mummy to see this... 
Last night, I pooed at 3 a.m. After which, I didn't sleep well. Mummy's so touched that Grandma came to bunk in with me. It's Sunday, and Mummy could be there for me because it's a no work day. Mums never stop worrying, once for their children and another time for their grandchildren. They are amazing! 
"Dear God, please let me get well real soon." Everyone's hoping I'll get on the recovery path quickly. I need to be well in order for them to worry less.

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