Sunday, 3 January 2010

Getting Mischievous

I hit a record late of sleeping at 1a.m. last night, and a record late of waking up at 11a.m.! This worries Mummy because she's afraid that my bed time will be delayed gradually. The culprit is the long weekend. We'll go out more often, and go home late. Although we went out around evening time yesterday, we felt like it's a whole long day. We went Tampines Mall for some shopping and food, then to Ikea, and to the airport to fetch Jiu Jiu's girlfriend and her family. They just got back from their holiday and needed help with their luggage and transport. 
Still smiling wide despite the late night
Love playing the pram, but not being strapped to it
Bringing me out now is not as easy as before. I refuse the pram, I refuse the car seat and I refuse food! Mummy is exasperated. Dad and Mum ended up walking the mall with rotating schedule to carry me. Now, their arms and backs are aching. In the car, Dad and Mum tried to ignore my cry from the car seat, but their persistency failed. I won the battle! Meal time was as bad, I'm picky about what goes into my mouth. If I don't like it, I won't eat. Mum is so upset, not only does it take time to cook but wastage is undesirable. Huge sigh!
Crying in my car seat
What's with me now? Having turned 9 months in this new year posed new challenges to Mummy. I'm getting more difficult to please. For misbehaving, Mum and Dad have started raising their voice at me. I'll cry when they get too stern. I've also learnt to understand the word, "No". If I ignore the first few warnings, Mummy will smack my palm. Actually, she knows I'm still too young to understand what's right and wrong, she knows when I'm being smacked and scolded, I am probably not sure what I've done wrong. Anger must have drove her mad. Disciplining is another new level of parenthood.
You can't believe this, Mummy told Daddy, "I think one is enough". And mummy is an all time baby lover! Oh no, I want siblings, I ought to behave. Anyway, I'm sure she was kidding. 

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  1. Yea lil Jazzelle... there will be MORE of your lil didi and meimei~* be good jie jie OK :)


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