Sunday, 17 January 2010

I love books!

I've been so hooked onto books recently. Teachers in school second that too! I recalled mummy introducing story books to me when I was 3 months old! Since then, I've love them. Mummy has been buying English story books for me, until Grandpa and Grandma warned her to introduce Chinese language to me. That was when mummy starting conversing more in mandarin to me and starting buying chinese books for me. It's really important to be a master of at least both languages in our country. Whatever the language, I love all the books Mummy bought. The colourful pictures are always catching my attention. Story telling session is fun for me, I will really pay attention! But, sometimes this will be dreadful for Mummy when she's lazy and tired.

My Chinese story collection.

Chinese story and educational books were not easy to choose. Some are imported from China and some from Taiwan. In China, modern chinese writing (简体字) is used. Whereas, it's traditional (繁体字) in Taiwan. We use the modern writing here, so Mummy has to be careful with the books she chooses. Some books even have the wrong translation of Chinese to English words. Faint!!!

My little book


It's opened!

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