Saturday, 23 January 2010

I was sick again

Mummy has been battling the busy weeks. To add on to her stress, I fell sick last sun. Came down and up with a fever, because of a throat infection. Being sick worries everyone and they don't sleep well, I keep waking up in the nights. Grandma had been nice to keep me in her room, so that I won't disturb Mum and Dad. They have to work the next day, and Grandma wasn't working this week.
Medication was tough for me, I have to be on antibiotics for a week. Getting the syrup into my mouth wasn't easy, it's lots of tricks for Dad. Mummy's classes was so intensive, she could hardly spend time with me despite being sick. She feels kind of guilty for not being able to care for me and she really appreciates Grandma for handling me so well.
I got better now, sleeping through the night again. Viruses are everywhere, it's hard to avoid and there's just as much as we can do. Stay virus free! 
Cool pad to bring my fever downe

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