Wednesday 13 January 2010

Less of Daddy and Mummy

I had less of Daddy and Mummy this week, especially Daddy. He will only be out from camp on Thurs. I miss him! Daddy had to spend his birthday in camp on Monday. Glad that we had it pre-celebrated on Sunday, pictures will be uploaded soon. Mummy is also occupied with her night classes, it's intensive lessons for her this and next week, 4 times a week! Poor her! Well, she had a light-hearted lesson today, Mr Brown came to 'lecture' the class. She likes his jokes. 
It's been assignments after assignments. She's looking forward to spending more quality time with me on those days without classes.Mummy is one who will put off the idea of working late in offices. Working late is sometimes a choice. While having night classes, she realises how little time was spent on me. She could only grab time while sending me to and fro school. This left her committed to having a work life balance. She doesn't want to be too engaged in something, before she realised I've outgrown some stages of my babyhood. Mummy's tired! Pat pat...

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