Tuesday, 26 January 2010

More time with Mummy!

Woah hoo... Mummy's exhilarated, she's over the mountains and the hills! Yesterday marks her last lecture in shcool. One final assignment to conquer, and she's done with her role as a student. It's really an acheivement because this was what she had always wanted to accomplished. It's even more relieved to know that she can now have more time with me than before. 
Studying will now be something she'll put off for a long long time. The time spent behind books is extremely dreadful. This is true for her - she is no smart woman, but she makes it up with lots of hard work. Success doesn't come with any shortcut, it's a long and hardworking journey. Now, it's daddy's turn to consider furthering his studies. Make up your mind Daddy! 
On milestone, Mum and Dad spotted me standing unassisted for a few seconds last week! They're anticipating me to take the first step soon. Dad says 10 months, Mum says 11 months and Jiu jiu says 12 months, or maybe more. And Mummy found this real cute too. The other day, when she picked me from school, there somehow wasn't enough teacher around when a baby was crying badly. Mummy handed me to daddy, and picked the crying baby. She was amazed that I wriggled my way out of his arms, crawled quickly to Mummy, tapped her arms, signalling her to carry me instead. She thought this was an interesting sight. As young as one can be, jealousy sets in. This moment brings her smile whenever she thinks of it. 
More cheeky moments with Mummy!

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