Sunday 31 January 2010

Weekend at Flea...

You've no idea what mummy is up to this weekend. She's holding a garage sale at the Big Splash flea market! It is just so iring. She wakes up early to set up her 'stall', and ends late so that she can sell more of her junks. It feels kind of good when others would pay for something you don't want. The rental wasn't cheap, even after sharing with Berry Jie jie and Auntie sha. They are running it till this Sunday night. Do visit them! It was tough to bring me along, so Daddy baby sits me today and tomorrow. I'll only join Mummy in the evening, when the weather's cooler. 

The first day... simple set up
The second day
Too many clothes within a tiny space

Buying used items is not a bad idea. Although not for clothes, mummy's perfectly fine with buying used books. She bought some story books for me last weekend, when she went to recce the flea market's venue. 
Books at 50 cents each! Saw the pop up book? Good grab!

 And while mummy's earning some cash, Daddy brought a grumpy me for a nearby walk. It was a crowded neighbourhood because of Thaipusiam.

So many people along the road
A passerby helped with picture

 Yawn! I'm not getting my early nights for being at mummy's garage sale. Hope this doesn't disrupt my routine.

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