Friday 12 February 2010

Acheiving more each day

Mummy's on leave today, upon which her company declared an official half day off!!! She went to the market after sending me to school, food prices jerked up due to the season. Still, she has to buy food for lunch, dinner and steamboat for the days ahead. Time to revisit her kitchen skills! Mum said I was too cute for school today, yet she sent me to school. So that she can spring clean at home. See what Mum and Dad has set aside. Clothes that I've outgrown!!! 
Too many clothes, Mum needs to give some away
Time flies, and it's my first Chinese New Year! I'm all ready for house visits, because I can:
  • Do a powerful flying kiss
  • Wish Gong xi, Gong xi (Much depending on my mood)
  • Walk wobbly with support
  • Wave bye bye!
  • Stick out my tongue playfully
  • Blink Blink to show off my eyes
  • Hand gesture, asking for more
  • Say Mumm Mumm... (For the New Year goodies!)
  • Say Ma Mee (Mummy)
  • Say Da Da (Daddy)
  • Say Dog Dog (Because I see them everyday at my void deck!)

Learning is fun... I'm going to achieve more and more each day!

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