Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another Eeyore added

I think I'm obsessed with Eeyore. I've one that I need to hug and sleep with every night. This evening, Mum and Dad were out dining with their friends. Dad brought me for a walk while Mum continues her dinner. I came back with a new Eeyore! Mummy gave Daddy the blank look and said, " Another toy added? She has one already." Daddy was quick to reply, "She didn't want to let go, she chose that of all the plushes." And that defines my Daddy... never fails to buy me toys! 
Holding tight to my new collection

Maybe Mummy should try this method when she shops, hold on to her desires and not let go. Then Daddy will have no choice but to buy it! Begin with diamonds, Mum.

Group hug for Eeyore... welcome to the family

Watching over my bum

Bedtime with Eeyores 

Daddy explains that they're in different outfit, so there's a reason to buy.

Sometimes I would love to carry Eeyore whenever I go. If Grandma is carrying me, she would say she has no strength to carry both, it's either me or Eeyore. What a tough choice. And when my teeth gets itchy, I would chew on any parts of Eeyore. Grandma would say that Eeyore feels painful, and asked me to not bite on him. Grandma is so funny!

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