Thursday, 11 February 2010

CNY celebration in school

It's Lunar New Year celebration in school today! Every of my classmate came in their Chinese wear. Very adorable! Mummy bought cookies to share, for the teachers, not the babies. Teachers were dressed up to the occasion too! We had a great time of singing the different Chinese New Year songs. Having mastered the 'gong xi gong xi' action. I am all ready to welcome the Tiger year.

Here's me with my set of Chinese outfit Grandma bought.

Pose for the camera

I think the outfit is a little uncomfortable for me

Oh, and spotted another scratch on my face? Got that in school yesterday, the teachers do not know what happened too. Sigh! I hope it fades off soon. I need my flawless and chubby cheek for the festive season.

Long scratch on my left cheek

Mummy was emptying my dirty clothes for laundry and she saw this present in my baggy. It wrote, "from Harry." She questioned me so much, she thought it was from my boyfriend! "No mummy, It's just birthday goodie bag!" I've more progresses to update... coming coming! 

A little book


  1. hello cutie jazzelle! Kong Hee Fatt Cai, greeting from PK from his CNY svc. Wishing mummy and daddy lovey dovey and make more didi and meimei. lil jazzelle faster grow up tall and healthy... and happy family! roaring good year of success, peace and prosperity!!! muacks

  2. Auntie Esther! Thank you for your wishes. Mummy will miss more of the crapping moments with you. Pls let love blossom soon... We love you! Happy Chinese New year! Let me have a chance to collect ang bao from you some day.


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