Sunday, 14 February 2010

Double celebration

Chinese new year seems to have overshadowed Valentines day this year. Everyone's too focus on visitation, food and ang bao. Mummy didn't receive her flowers, but she didn't prepare Dad's gift either... Opps! Instead, I did... See!

I made this in school early this week. My toes made up the flower petals...

To Daddy and Mummy with love!

Valentines day is the opposite of CNY, whereby celebration is between 2 person. CNY is celebration with many people. This night, Mum and Dad were steamboating and alcohol-ing with Grandpa, Grandma, Xiao Jiu, Da Jiu and their girlfriends. Daddy took out the long kept alcohol for this occassion. Mum couldn't drink when she was pregnant and breastfeeding, now she can! In the midst of these, I am so soundly asleep. Even the mahjong and karaoke noise kept me still in bed. Daddy subscribed to Starhub's ktv channel, and we all had fun singing. I enjoyed the children's songs too!

Here are some photo journal the first day of CNY:

Putting an unwrapped Ferero into my mouth

Too tired, slept on Great Grandparent's sofa

At Mummy cousins' house

Gong Xi Fa Cai to Grandpa with 'baby' oranges. Fit my hands size!

Now to Grandma

Mission accomplished, got my ang baos!!!

To Mum and Dad now... exchange for my cash!

Okie, do the sums. My collection for today!

Oh, Pillow got ang bao from granparents too!

I love holidays...

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