Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Eve

I had two rounds of reunion dinner, my maternal and my paternal sides. My day ended late, slept at 11pm. Chinese New Year is another season of giving for my parents. For me, I can now receive! It really cost Mum and Dad huge damage when it comes to giving red packets - to children, to cousins, to siblings, to parents and to Grandparents! They're expensive people who deserves expensive giving. Moreover, it's a yearly affair, think generous. Haha.

Mum and Dad's outgoing red packets...

My collection for today

The outgoing seems more than the incoming. Haha. Great Grandpa and Great Grandma are really nice and generous people. To Mum, they're the best grandparents ever, they're inspirational, generous and ever righteous beings. Truely! When I yet to arrived, they would continue to give Mum and Dad red packets, in fact, everyone on my maternal's side would do so. Having me along this New Year, Mum thought I would remove their entitlement, but still great Grandparents gave all of us red packets. Mum and Dad feels shy shy. Glad that they gave them an even fatter red packet.

It's just the eve, I'm looking ahead for more visitations and socialisation... I'm so easy, anyone can play and carry me.

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