Monday, 8 February 2010

I scratched my face

Mummy was changing my diaper, and as usual I wriggled like a worm. It's hard for me to stay still during a diaper change, unless there's something to keep me occupied. Which is how my other nick, "worm" came by. 
I was given my nappy rash cream to play with when it fell from my hand. The tippy end of the tube scratched the skin near my left eye, "ouch!" Ok, blame it on mummy because she gave me that to play with. Same guide to Pillow when he was a puppy, keep dangerous objects away from him and keep things that are not to be destroyed out of his reach. Anything bad happens, owner's fault. We can prevent most 'disasters' this way, I think. Finally some link between a puppy and baby. 
Here's the mark on my face, mummy took it when I was asleep... 
The little red mark near my eye. Close shave!

I'm glad the mark got lighter

I'll be beautiful again when the sun rises tomorrow.

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