Thursday, 18 February 2010

I visited Universal Studio!

I'm down with a fever, cold, cough and diarrhoea. It's irritating to have them back on me, I feel so unwell. Sigh! I skipped school today because Dad wants to bring me to the doctor and we had also pre-planned a trip to Universal Studio, Yes! The one at Sentosa! We had some complimentary tickets from our kind neighbour and these tickets were fully redeemable on meals as well. It was a cashless day! Except for a shirt Mummy bought... for herself and the exuberant parking fees!

I may be sick, but I'm not missing out the fun. We went ahead with the plan. I think I wasn't enjoying as much as I think I could. Apart from being sick, I was very sleepy too. We arrived at about 5p.m and strolled the place till 9p.m. That's lots of walking! Not for me of course, I was being carried on rotated duties. Using the pram only for nap, naughty me.

The place is fun! We met many interesting movie characters like the kung fu panda, Beetle Juice, Ms Bo Beep etc. The rides and shows were not open to our 10 bucks tickets of course, but we had good fun with just this entry. It's surprising to find most of the crews and staff as pure bred Singaporeans, and this is what we call Home! Unlike the many retail shops out there, invaded with foreign employments... ok, not a need to elaborate further here. If you know it, you know it. Back to the staff and crews, they are very friendly and speak relatively good English, which is highly crucial for being a local representation. For being new, the place is very clean!

Here are some pictures for sharing. Mummy thinks I'm not in the mood for anything, she didn't catch my smile at all. Or maybe, I'm just a cool baby when it comes to camera.

Sun kissing our faces

Don't want to be eaten... Nooooo!

It's Madagascar

The Kung Fu Panda!

Jelly beans! Yummy!

We emerged from dino egg

Practice walking with the huge space around

The Queen, Princess and their palace...

It's Adam and Even behind... don't think they were overweight

Mr Frankenstein

One final picture before departure

Wow! Though just an evening, it felt like a whole long day. Our legs are so sore from all the walking, except mine. It was a good work out indeed. Thank you neighbour for blessing us with the tickets. Though daddy kept comparing this Universal to that in Los Angeles we visited, Mum feels it's the companion, much more than the sights. I went with Mum and Dad to the Universal in LA too, when I was in Mum's womb. Haha.
It's so much fun this festive season! And now, fun aside, I need more sleep to get my good health back soon ...


  1. looks fun!! and your baby is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. woah! u little cutie been to universal twice... the mountain tortoise must make time too!!! And any more kind neighbour? gee ~enjoys~ shall we go 3rd time together...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Auntie Esther... no more kind neighbour, but we always have a kind friend like you... wahaha. Waiting waiting!


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