Saturday, 27 February 2010

Visitation Continues

I'm still collecting ang bao. This evening, Daddy and Mummy had a wonderful time of fellowship with their friends. We began by visiting auntie and uncle Ray's new home. It's very beautiful!

Movie date with Leoric, "Kung Fu Panda". I think Leoric is trying to peek at me instead...

The swimming pool at Leoric's house was beautiful. I didn't bring my gear... sob sob.

After this, we attended Sarah's birthday party at Aloha, and Her Mummy is pregnant with baby number 2, that's fast! Sarah is only about 1.5 months older than me. Mummy's still thinking about her addition... 2011, 2012, 2013 or ???? Haha. Time tells.

With Mummy's friends

In the night, Daddy's friends came over for soccer and beer. The typical men's lifestyle. Baby Lucas was here too. I had a great time playing and sleeping. Shy shy, I shared my bed with another boy.

Lucas loves my playpen

Lucas is the longest occupant in the playpen. For me, I only want to get out.

After fun and milk, was bedtime for us...

And after our bedtime, Mum and Dad sneaked out of home to continue drinks session elsewhere!

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