Monday 22 February 2010

Mummy's busy...

Just hours ago, I was cruising my way to mummy, where she was sitting on her armchair with focus set on her laptop screen. As usual, I was being very sticky to her, I reached out both my hands, whined a little and wanted her to carry me. She turned to me and said,"Mummy's busy now, Jazz." She then paused a moment for some thoughts... 
How many times will she be saying this as I grow by? Busy - An excuse or reason that's easy to give, yet gives her guilt. She doesn't want to keep brushing me off with busy as a reason or maybe that was an excuse. It's startling when she soon realizes she has time for me some day, I won't need her to carry me anymore. Life sometimes work this way, tomorrow, another day, next time and then it might not be needed anymore. 
Anyway, after that short moment of thought, she carried me and allowed me to randomly tap on her keyboard for play. That's my favourite activity for now... tapping the keyboard!
Thank you Mummy for your love!

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