Friday, 26 February 2010

Peek at my school

School celebrated 'yuan xiao jie' today. It also dictated the school's open house for new intakes. Activities were fun filled, there were lantern making session, tang yuan making, face and hand painting and food of course! Mummy and me turned up in our favourite colour, blue! There were so many children and parents. I felt like I'm in an international school with children of so many races, and a higher proportion of Caucasians.

This was how I spent my morning with Dad and Mum:

I got my right arm painted with flowers!

Aren't they beautiful?

The playground is too sunny for play

"Daddy, why is 'fu' upside down?"

May we have a smooth sailing year

I love the drum!

Lion head!

I can only eat the watermelon. The rest are Mum and Dad's.

Mum didn't know that the popiah was spicy, and she gave it to me. I gave an undesirable expression, and spat it out. Training came early huh. After that, Mum gave me an egg mayo sandwich. As usual, Daddy is complaining about the different food she introduced to me. He alerted that I've just recovered from diarrhoea and egg mayo contains egg white. Hey Daddy, Asian babies aren't too prone to food allergy, please don't be overly cautious and deprive me of the many food out there.

Look at the number of shoes outside the door!

Mummy spotted how I climbed onto the chair to sit... She don't recall teaching me that. It's just amazing how infants pick up these skills on their own.

Of course, a good brand of chair helps (Kidsburg). It doesn't topple when I climbed my way to sit on the chair. It's strong and sturdy!

After all the fun... it's back to class. This was where I bid goodbye to Mum and Dad...

School is really fun, especially when learning is through play. Mum and Dad is paying costly fees to the school. There are frequent thoughts of wanting me to go to a cheaper school once I turn older, a toddler. And comparing the fees with different schools, the amount is really drastic, Mummy could use the money for more shopping. Haha. But well well, Mum and Dad are so comfortable with me in this school. The problem is, once it gets comfortable, it's just hard to go for the other option. What a great monetary sacrifice!

Oh, noted mummy's new hairstyle? I couldn't recognise her after her salon trip early this week. It took me half a minute to realise she's my mama!


  1. prettily dressed jazzelle... and how did mummy get a matching blue top... haha good fashion sense!

  2. Of cos prettily dressed! Auntie esther bought me that dress. Mummy loves blue, it's easy for her to find a match!


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