Wednesday, 31 March 2010

2nd Visit to Universal

It's my 2nd trip to the Universal Studio! This round with some rides and shows opened. Mummy's company had 3 exclusive nights with the place, so staff got each tic at $20, inclusive of food voucher. It was a maximum of 2 bookings per staff, but with some help, she got another 2 more tics for jiu jiu.

Mummy was allowed to leave work 2 hours earlier today, so she could prepare for the trip. Bringing me along involves the usual long preparation of 'to bring along' items. Daddy always say my bag weighs like a dumb bell. When we arrived, Mummy left my dinner in the car. It was a long walk to and fro our car. Blur Mummy!

I took a short nap before the Waterworld show began. After my nap, I felt energised for the rest of the fun. Mummy was surprised that I could watch the shows with much focus, I was really watching them! In fact, we only caught 2 shows - Waterworld and the Shrek in 4D. I didn't wear the special glasses for the 4D show, but I enjoyed it! The loud 'gun shots' at Waterworld didn't startle me too, which Mummy thought I would be clinging onto her when loud sounds were made.

A shot just before the sun ends its day

Now you know why Mummy's company got the exclusive nights

I was asleep while waiting for the show to begin

It was laugh time for everyone... I didn't really understand though

The carousel was not open

We're all exhausted by fun! I had a real late night, got home at midnight, went to bed at 12:30 a.m. And I've school tomorrow, so are Dad and Mum working. You can't believe this, Mum is going to Universal for the 3rd time tomorrow! That's madness! It's her department's teambuilding event. I hope she carries no phobia for Universal, because she promised to bring me there for more fun! 

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