Friday 5 March 2010

Birthday 'fever'

Mum and Dad saw my hair wet when they came for me at school. They thought I perspired madly, but it didn't look like. Daddy joked that water pipe in school must have burst. All wrong, I was down with a fever again, teacher sponged my head wet to bring down the temperature. Fever seems to have become a monthly affair for me. Mummy's getting really dejected over the series of fever. Why does it keep coming back within weeks? Go away fever! 
This really swayed her mood for birthday celebration, we were all suppose to dine out with uncle ss, auntie sha and auntie mag, when Mummy decided to call off the dinner because she wants to sponge and get me to sleep early. Moreover, there's no enjoyment when we're out with a feverish baby. So, I had dinner, cold shower, milk and then slept at 9pm. Mummy felt a little bad for giving me cold shower, but choiceless. Bringing down my temperature was her aim. 
She was touched that uncle and aunties came over our house to celebrate her birthday instead. This warmed her deeply! For me, I behaved by sleeping well, so that they could have undisturbed fellowship. Thank you all for making Mummy happy. 
Daddy bought Mum's longed craving Lychee martini cake

Dad received this for his birthday, and now Mum

Mum started work in a new department, it's almost difficult for her to apply leave to care for me. I hope I'll be well for school tomorrow.

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