Friday, 5 March 2010

Enemy HFMD

Bingo! I've just met enemy HFMD, and it'll be on me for the next 1 week. It was during lunch when Mummy received a call from school, mentioning that red spots are seen on my palms and feet. First thought was HFMD, Mum and Dad have to bring me away from school. It's tough for mummy to apply urgent half day, as she just started work. Moreover, she's also taking her birthday leave on Monday. Words were hard to bring up, but her boss was nice, she released her. Trying a different PD, they headed to the doctor Auntie Claud recommended, and Mummy's heart sank when Dr Ong confirmed it as HFMD. Doctor was funny, He said, "Ya, kena already." Being first time parents, it really caught Mum and Dad unprepared. Perhaps this is the risk to take for being in an infant care. There wasn't any existing cases and teachers also assured Mummy that toys and place are disinfected everyday. Mystery!

Sigh! So this was the reason for my fever last night. No one would have thought I contacted HFMD, I ate and played well last night. What a birthday 'surprise' for Mummy, she had never imagined me meeting enemy HFMD before the age of one.

Red spots on the top of my foot

On the side of my foot

And on my palm

I'm going to be quarantined and stuck to home for a week. No more outings. For now, it's all focus on soothing my discomfort and getting me well.

Dear school, teachers, friends and toys, I'll be back once I've fully recovered... I'll miss you! Hmm... for being unwell and stranded at home, Mum is considering new toys to make me happy. Yipee!

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